Professional and Technical
Some of my work with Janusz Lipski in the Neurophysiology Laboratory, Physiology Department, Auckland University

My publications 1990-2021 (opens in a new window)

Some notes about Parkinson's disease [incomplete] from 2004 including his classic report

Some doctors' working notes and case studies (open in new windows) from my medical practice at the turn of the century

Some teaching material on gastrointestinal physiology and respiratory physiology, both with a clinical emphasis, from the early 2000s. A lecture on the mechanisms controlling breathing, and a simple guide to basic dissection of the rat brain.

A note by Laplace (1867) on the solar system and his thoughts about its origin, translated into English.

Here is a scheme to arrange the pages of a website on the surface of a dodecahedron

'Change of Address' was an idea I had for a website and worked on with Ulu Aiono. The address '' was not available and the project stalled

Here are some grids, made with Ross Matheson, to test rectangular monitor displays.
Home and Family
This was our website when we lived at Grosvenor Street, Auckland in the early 2000s

Barry Payne was a painter we got to know in 2002 who allowed us put some of his work on our site